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Being raised by top chefs in Stockholm and working around this beautiful planet for the last two decades has given me the opportunity to meet people, cultures, food, and wine.                   The gastronomi is actually what's connected me to both my self and the people I've met and are going to meet in the future. I have this industry to thank for a lot and the best way to show my gratitude is to cook for others, connect people, educate, tell my stories and keep coming up with new ones by traveling, read, taste and to be open minded. It is my legacy .

The love for Spain has always been there, my first trip was made as a one-year-old and there have been many more since then. For the last 8 years there have been several visits per year and the people, the culture and the gastronomy have really made me fall in love with this amazing country, so much so that me and my family decided to move here. Partly because of our love for the country but also because we want to contribute with what we can - Gastronomy! The journey has only just begun, but the goal is clear. In the future, we want to build a finca that will gather people, feelings, storytelling, old memories and to create new ones. We want to make Spain and the world a better place with such a simple thing as food and wine!

Join us on our journey!

  • Christopher-Robin Esphagen

I have hosted dinners, wine tastings, caterings, countless weddings, guest performances and of course put together cheese tastings which is my favorite area with a fromager degree from the Restaurant Academy, this together with my sommelier studies will take your event to the next level.  If you just want to know everything about oysters and champagne, that's also fine - most things are possible, send an email and we'll talk together. 

A large part of my everyday life is spent on consulting assignments in the restaurant world where concepts, menus, calculations and systematics are created for a sustainable, profitable and modern restaurant. The jobs are of varying nature, sometimes you may need help with everything from the start and sometimes just an extra eye over supplier agreements, menus and quality. Get in touch and I'll help!

  • Christopher-Robin 

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